Sunday, April 8, 2012

"The smoking slipper pump"

On my last trip to Top Shop I got myself a lovely pair of black slipper pumps with the gold trim.
I've almost worn them into the ground.
The shape is perfect for my foot and I am in love so glad that they have taken the place of the old bally pump (which I have found extremely boring for a while now)
These are so comfortable but yet glams up an outfit - 
which are the to most important qualities in shoes for me
So needless to say they make me very happy :)
 and I most likely have a new obsession in this little shoe style . 
Anyway just wanted to share my love for the so called 
"Smoking slipper pump"

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend !


  1. I love them too - bought myself a Zoom pair from Zando.

    dress em up, dress em down =D

  2. I love them! I follow your blog, and I have wanted to do my own segment on these shoes! Ill wait till I have bought my pair first! :-)

    Love it!


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