Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pattern on pattern

Dont be scared to mix and (miss) match patterns this winter to keep things interesting & fun
on those cold gray rainy days.
Blouses are a key item this winter and for those in between days . 
Perfect for quirky or fancy .. work and day wear. 
Pop in to Babette and get your one of a kind Vintage blouse for no more than R260.
You wont be sorry!
 I know, I'm totally adicted to them :)
Limited variety to pick from so....HURRY !


  1. Nice to see these pics. Outfit is great. Why don't you try Van Heusen for Women. You will be a fan of it:)

  2. hey freinds I just bought some clothes from this online store Badger Apparel check out they have awesome verities hope you will like and email me to say thanks :)


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