Sunday, May 29, 2011

23 B-day take over

Sorry for my lack in Babette clothing posts ....but this was my B-day week and being a Gemini this means taking it seriously ... Love Birthdays, as stressful as they sometimes are :) 
I got spoiled rotten, Love, cup-cakes, photo frames
 a ring by Pierre Estienne from my Amazing Boyfriend
a Vintage Decca in working condition that use to be my Grandpas 
and a my best B-day prezzie of my life a long called for Macbook pro... can you believe.
Now I have no excuse for not posting everyday, thanks mommy your the best xx
Plus a lovely dinner party at Buena Vista social club with all my Favourite people.
Anyways thought I would post my Favourite photos from my B-day week
to make up for my lack in posting.
enjoy xx

Media ...

Had my own little appearance in Glamour magazine this month.
Shoot was so much fun :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Holga, love, easter

My Holga decided not to love me for a while and after a couple of blank spools
and a well deserved rest I took it with on my Easter Holidays first batch of photos that came 
out in a while and I love them so glad we have made peace again .
Lets get shooting !!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blue Bird Garage Market ...

Set in the heart of bustling Muizenberg, in a beautiful old piano and surfboard warehouse, you will find the heart warming neighbourhood food and goods market.
Running every Friday from 4-10pm, This Friday Babette will be joinng in the fun for the first time
So please come and say HI
and come look at all the lovely goods.
I love these candles made in to the most awesome molds
The bunny and skull is just ...
Next level !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Babette Fans at the Slowfood market Stellenbosch !

Looking Adorable ...
If you have never been to Stellenbosch Slowfood market ,
MAKE A PLAN !! its well worh it on as Saturday morning
when most of  us have a hangover, They sell the most Amazing food that will cure it strate away.
My favorite is the basil pesto, rocket, bacon and egg roll mmmm
Not to mention Babette clothing is there :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Babette winter styles ...

All dresses and blouses will be available at Stellenbosch Slowfood market 
this Saturday from 9-2
 Dresses R280
Blouses R180
Scarves R80
Belts R100 -R120
Hats -R180

Getting a Lookbook ???>

Im doing it finally desided to get a Lookbook, I still have no idea how its works
and if I will have time to keep posting nice looks,so here is my first ever lookbook
post, dont know yet how to post all the photos on lookbook at onces...
but will master it and thats a promise :)
Hope its going to be as much fun as it looks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love Babette in the winter xxx

Love my Coffee, took this picture with my phone
of my take away coffee at the Slowfood market on Saturdays .
Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside .

This is Jolandi Morkel a very good friend of mine, but even bigger friend of Babette ...but really, she is my number one customer. Practically looks amazing in every Babette item she tries on. 
Babette is slowly but surely taking over her whole cupboard... hahaha.
She loves her coffee just as much as I do and I thought these pictures of her looking all snug
with a mug for the winter are so cute.
Babettes floral bow blouse just makes her look adorable.

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