Monday, July 23, 2012

Curbstr feature :)

 Barbara Lötter of Babette Clothing.

by Wallace

Barbara sources vintage clothing and alters it to suit today’s trends. Her boutique, Babette Clothing is a fascinating space. It’s an extension of her personality – a beautiful collision of contemporary and vintage. I spent a few mornings with Barbara cruising the streets of Cape Town 
capturing her unique style.


What’s unique about Babette?
EVERYTHING ;) Babette’s items are mostly one-of-a kind unique pieces which I hand source myself. There is always a good variety of clothing in the store so you’re bound to find something that suits your style.

What inspired you to peruse a career in fashion?
Since my teenage days I’ve been obsessed with fashion. It just couldn’t be any other way. I take note of how people dress and can still remember who wore what to a specific occasion years ago. It’s hard to enter the fashion world though and it takes time to discover where you fit into the fashion scene. I was lucky enough to find my way to my dream job.

Where do you source your vintage clothing from?
From local and international markets.

Any particular decade that you favour?
Accessories and pieces from the 80′s but they are often unwearable. I also love the style lines and fit of the 50′s. I think every decade has something special about it.

If you could dress any star?
Alexa Chung.

One piece of style advice for guys?
Find yourself a nice chambray shirt. It’s a classic that will always look stylish. You wont regret it.

Favorite destination?
At the moment Melbourne and Barcelona but there are many more places I wish to discover.

Do you plan your outfits the night before or do you dress spontaneously?  
Sometimes I walk past my cupboard the night before and see something I want to wear the next day and then I can’t help thinking what to pair it with. Other days I wake up and dress spontaneously. It all depends what kind of mood I’m in.

Rocking The Daisies or Vortex?
Rocking the Daisies.

People are surprised that I…
am only 24


 Thanks you Wallace from curbstr for the lovely feature . 
To see more go have a look at
its the latest street style blog in Cape Town and its awesome :)


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