Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Babette clothing GET THE LOOK !

Here are some get the look shots we did with 36 Boutiques . 
Lee is such a cute model - She is also the one on my Babette limited edition wine bottles. 
She just looks Amazing in every Babette dress she puts on  - totally have the personality for it.
Thanks once again for 36 Boutiques - always such an awesome end product working with them.

Ps. wanted to do my next post about my holga pics from Rocking the daisies, but stupid me didn't realize my film was finished and forced my Boyfriend to wind it till the film snapped .
So very very sad . AAAAA!!!!
But I guess its just one of those things if you want to work with film so for now I am just going to be happy with the memories in my mind from the awesomeness weekend ever! 
But still want to hit myself over the head. 

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