Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweedish hasbeens ...

Peep toe Swedish Hasbeens a must have for summer.
They are going to look Amazing with just about any Babette dress you put on :)
I ordered me a pair of the flatter brown ones yesterday. 
And just cant wait!!!!
I especially like the flatter ones as you can wear them everyday in the summer 
Not too high but still ads that little bit. 
Whuuuuhuuu cant wait to open the post box and find my new babies in it ....
oooo joy !!!!!
Street style :Calivintage


  1. I have a pair of the flatter ones in natural and just LOVE them. They go with everything and become really comfortable with wear. Good decision!

  2. how do we get our hands on these?

  3. oh my the slingbacks are amazing where have u been all my life


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