Sunday, May 29, 2011

23 B-day take over

Sorry for my lack in Babette clothing posts ....but this was my B-day week and being a Gemini this means taking it seriously ... Love Birthdays, as stressful as they sometimes are :) 
I got spoiled rotten, Love, cup-cakes, photo frames
 a ring by Pierre Estienne from my Amazing Boyfriend
a Vintage Decca in working condition that use to be my Grandpas 
and a my best B-day prezzie of my life a long called for Macbook pro... can you believe.
Now I have no excuse for not posting everyday, thanks mommy your the best xx
Plus a lovely dinner party at Buena Vista social club with all my Favourite people.
Anyways thought I would post my Favourite photos from my B-day week
to make up for my lack in posting.
enjoy xx

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!! I love the photos. Those cupcakes!! Wow!


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